About Us

As a family owned company now in its 2nd generation, Drumlord holds the same values today as when established back in 1981. Founder John Aldridge set out to provide a complete prototyping solution based around 15 years first hand experience in the product design field. A comprehensive, high quality prototyping service, continuously striving to redefine common expectations, has been Drumlords benchmark ever since.

Drumlord itself is built on a foundation of skill, craftsmanship & quality, developed alongside the more traditional modelmaking techniques over many years. Today this unique blend, compliments the latest in Rapid Prototyping technologies, to provide a product and service that ensures many customers return time and again.

Ultimately, customer satisfaction is paramount, and as a team we are wholly committed to ensuring time-schedules especially are never missed. Wherever possible of course we would always aim to meet your requirements fully, however on the occasional instance we feel deadlines are at risk, we have a strict policy of honesty at the outset. Progress is monitored throughout the production process, and feedback provided as required.

We at Drumlord have a dynamic and enthusiastic passion for the services we provide. We are on a continuous development drive to advance techniques, processes, technologies, value and timescales. In short, we are a team dedicated to providing an uncompromising level of service that above all you can trust and ultimately rely on.




New SLA Resin.

Drumlord are delighted to announce that we are now building parts in Somos EvoLVe 128 SLA resin for our customers.

New Year New Machine

We are delighted to announce that 2018 begins with the installation of our new 3D Systems Viper Si2 high resolution SLA machine.