Drumlord introduce new resin.

11th December 2008

Drumlord introduce clearly superior new resin to range.

We are pleased to announce that Drumlord will be upgrading their existing DSM Somos® WaterShed® 11120 resin to their new, near colourless version, WaterShed® XC11122 photopolymer from the New Year. WaterShed XC is a low viscosity liquid photopolymer that produces strong, tough, water-resistant, ABS-like parts. Most importantly parts created with WaterShed 11122 are nearly colourless, and look more like true, transparent engineered plastic. Improved water resistance and higher dimensional stability has been achieved through the use of an advanced chemistry platform, Oxetane AdvantageTM, formulated by DSM Somos.

Clear, colourless stereolithography resins are growing in popularity, not only because they produce parts that resemble clear plastics when polished, but also because they offer a high degree of functionality. These attractive general purpose materials make a great choice for any number of applications, including:

• Lenses
• Housings
• Form & Fit models
• Functional models
• Packaging applications
• Silicone mould master patterns
• Flow modelling
• Investment Cast Patterns

"The removal of the green tint found in our 11120 resin combined with ABS-like mechanical performance make this new material perfect for any number of projects in the automotive, medical, packaging and consumer products markets," says Rob Aldridge, MD.

A further advantage for Drumlord's clients comes with the knowledge that WaterShed XC11122 has also passed USP Class VI testing and has already been widely used in the medical industry for prototyping clear medical device housings and fluid flow analysis models.

"Drumlord are committed to seeking out the best possible solutions to our customers' Rapid Prototyping needs. We absolutely see this development as improving our customers' value for money, by giving them a better product but not passing on any cost increases," says Chris McCarthy. "In the current business climate, that can only be a good thing."


Colour and Light Testing
Using a colourimeter (an instrument used to measure the amount of colour and light able to pass through plastic), percent light transmission values were compared between WaterShed XC11122 and various plastic samples, including a competitive polycarbonate-like SL resin and acrylic. Transmission data showed WaterShed XC11122 closely mirrored the behaviour of the high clarity acrylic.


Colourimeter transmission data for WaterShed XC11122 as compared to other plastic samples can be obtained by contacting Drumlord.


For further information regarding the material properties of our new resin, please contact Chris McCarthy on 01495 249232 or email at chris.mccarthy@drumlord.co.uk.


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