Top models for Breville

29th April 2010

Drumlord were delighted to be commissioned by Breville to produce a range of models for a number of small domestic appliances such as; Kettles, Toasters, Hand Blenders and Slow Cookers.  The brief was to supply high quality models of 13 kitchen appliances in an extremely condensed time frame, in readiness for a series of important Product Presentations to a number of Breville's key customers.

Breville's team of designers supplied us with a series of completed CAD models and specification sheets for their required textures, colours and finishes.  Certain appliances needed bespoke electronics to replicate digital clocks and critical illumination.  The finished model of the Breville Hot Cup, currently on our website, demonstrates the level of finish that we needed to achieve.

By utilising a variety of techniques, including, SLA, Vacuum Casting, Metal Coating, Finishing and Chrome Painting Drumlord's team of skilled model makers were able to deliver a suite of models that "set the standard for the manufacturers to meet."

Each model required its own unique type of finish and it was critical that we got the right combination of texture and colour to ensure each appliance replicated the desired appearance of the manufactured product.  Our expert paint technicians ensured that, not only were colours mixed to match the exact specification set by the designers, but through careful use of additives and specialist techniques, we were able to achieve very specific finishes.

To see a review of one of the finished products click here and you will find more images of the Hot Cup in our Project Archive.

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