New Flexible SLS Material.

9th July 2010


In addition to the standard DuraForm PA, Glass Filled DuraForm PA and CastForm PS sintering powders, Drumlord are now able to offer a new material, 3D Systems' DuraForm® Flex plastic.   This is a thermoplastic elastomer with excellent durability, resistance to heat and chemicals, and long-term stability which is ideal for first-off prototypes of parts that require more flexibility than standard SLS materials.


DuraForm® Flex has a Shore A Hardness of 60 (ASTM D2240) and can withstand bending without permanent deformation.  The material doesn't dissolve in hydrocarbons, ketones, ethers or alcohols and sintered properties can be altered and colours added through the use of infiltrants.



- Rubber-like flexibility and functionality

- Durable and tear-resistant

- Resists harsh environments

- Good long-term stability

- Seals fluid-tight, even under pressure

- Excellent surface finish and feature detail

- Create colored parts using standard infiltrants

- Wide processing latitude

- Fully recyclable



- Rapidly produce parts with the look and feel of rubber and thermoplastic elastomers

- Eliminate the time and cost of casting, machining or other secondary processes

- Address broad applications requiring rubber-like flexibility and durability

- Address end-use applications requiring long-term stability

- Minimal finishing required

- Reduced cost per part



- Functional prototypes and end-use parts that require rubber-like flexibility, resistance to heat and chemicals, and long-term stability:

- Gaskets and seals

- Hoses

- Athletic footwear

- Ear molds


For more information, or a data sheet, please contact Chris McCarthy at

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