Other Processes

FDM, Perfactory, CNC & Laser Cutting

Fused Deposition Modelling (FDM)
FDM is a direct production technique, using molten ABS or Polycarbonate extruded through a computer-controlled nozzle to build model layer at a time. Generally material properties & surface finish can't quite match SLS, but for certain component geometries can be a more stable and cost effective solution.

Envisiontec Perfactory
Very similar process to SLA, but uses projected image rather than a scanning laser to cure the surface of a liquid photopolymer. SLA at present offers superior material properties, although with a build layer thickness of just 25um, Perfactory models can offer ultimate accuracy and surface finish for small, high detail applications.

CNC Machining
CNC milling of any engineering plastic, resin block modelling board & many ferrous and non-ferrous metals. Useful for low volume material specific production runs, component modification or rework, and solid concept modelling.

 2D Laser Cutting & Etching Service
Component production direct from CAD / CAM designs in a wide range of ferrous and non-ferrous metals. With no tool production, hence very fast lead-times, Laser Cutting can be an ideal solution for both prototype & full production requirements.



New SLA Resin.

Drumlord are delighted to announce that we are now building parts in Somos EvoLVe 128 SLA resin for our customers.

New Year New Machine

We are delighted to announce that 2018 begins with the installation of our new 3D Systems Viper Si2 high resolution SLA machine.