The project
Scorpion 2 Ultrasonic Robotic Crawler
  • SLA
  • Finishing
  • Vacuum Casting
  • RF Shielding
  • Graphics & Printing
The Challenge
Eddyfi Technologies produce a range of extremely hard-wearing products that work in the most hazardous environments. Drumlord were approached to produce parts in production volumes in materials suitable to operate in these toughest of environments.


The Process
Vacuum casting was immediately identified as the best option for robust, cost-effective, production parts in suitable materials and in specific colour schemes. The next problem was to identify materials suitable for:

  • High temperature, high wind, harsh chemical or off-shore environments,
  • Pigmenting to match specific colour references,
  • Pad printing logos and graphics, and,
  • Dimensionally stable parts for reliable assembly and performance in different environments.

Initial SLAs were tested to confirm designs and assembly before being finished to match particular surface textures. The first batch of castings were used for assembly line trials, testing, approval and marketing before transferring to full production quantities.

The Result

Drumlord produced, and still supply, a range of accurate, robust and functional production parts to Eddyfi Technologies. The success of the project has allowed us to use the same processes to support other product ranges.