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SLA | SLS | Figure 4 | Vacuum Casting | Finishing & Painting

Drumlord offer a range of processes that can be utilised individually, or in combination, to support your project requirements.

Which process is best for your project?

Drumlord’s clients draw on our 40 years of experience, combined with the latest cutting-edge technologies and materials, to deliver unique solutions. From simple first-draft proof of concept models to fully functional production ready assemblies, our knowledge and skills are at your disposal.

Here you will find out more about each of the technologies we offer along with materials available and potential applications. Also outlined are the typical build envelopes.

Alternatively, give us a call and talk through your project with one of our experts. We’ll help you choose the best path to your perfect product.

A range of processes to choose from

Our Services

SLA (Stereolithography)

Fast, accurate and versatile. Perfect for proof-of-concept models, masters for vacuum casting, fully finished exhibition models or even production parts.

Figure 4

Utilising the latest direct digital production technology, Figure 4 produces incredibly accurate, finely detailed parts in a range of functional materials.

SLS (Selective Laser Sintering)

Robust, production suitable materials with excellent physical properties: strength, high-temperature, stiffness, abrasion resistance.

Vacuum Casting

The perfect solution when a specific material property, colour, texture or over-moulding is required. From 1-offs to small batch production.

Finishing & Painting

Elevating basic parts and prototypes to fully finished replica models, indistinguishable from the final product, will give your design the maximum impact.

Other services

For less popular processes we have a network of trusted suppliers who we use to fill technology or material gaps when required.

Submitting your project

File Formats

SLA/Figure 4/SLS

Ideally high resolution STL files but STEP and IGES also acceptable.


Ideally high resolution STL files but STEP and IGES also acceptable.

Vacuum Casting

As SLA but also detailed information regarding material requirements, finishing, colours and quantities.

Finishing & Painting

Colour references (ideally RAL) and, if required, a breakdown of colour/texture by part/surface.


AI and EPS are the most common format vector files.

Laser Cutting/Photo Etching



STEP and 2d PDF