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Make your parts stand out from the crowd our team of craftsmen.

The Process

Elevating basic parts and prototypes to fully finished replica models, indistinguishable from the final product, will give your design the maximum impact. Alternatively, more basic options such as ‘Paint Only’ finishes, SLS dyeing, clear lacquers and build layer removal may be sufficient to enhance characteristics or differentiate your model.

However you want your parts to stand out from the crowd our team of craftsmen have got a range of solution to suit.

  • Build line removal from SLA, Figure 4 and SLS models
  • SLA polishing to obtain transparent parts
  • Texture application/matching:
    • Various texture levels
    • Matt/Satin
    • Gloss
  • Product Top Coating:
    • Colour matching
    • Special Effect Paints (Metallic, Pearlescent, Flip, Metal Flake)
    • Clear and Tinted Lacquers
    • Mirror Chrome Effect
    • RF shielding
  • Metallisation to achieve real metal coatings (Copper, Silver, Gold, Chrome, Nickel, etc.)
  • Bead Blasting (offered free of charge if required)
  • Graphics
    • Application of rub downs
    • Printing

The Benefits

  • Accurate surface texture, colour and finish reproduction to replicate production parts
  • Improved surface finish to enhance moving parts
  • Improved fits for assemblies
  • Cost effective enhancement of required material characteristics


  • Exhibition & Presentation Models
  • Photographic Models
  • Colour Exercises
  • Film and TV Prop/Costume Production
  • Production Parts

Typical Lead Time

This is very dependent on the project requirements: the application of a clear lacquer may add a day to the lead time (curing required) where a fully finished assembly may take longer. Please contact us to discuss your requirement in more detail.

Beautiful design & robust options

Examples of our Product Finishing Capabilities

We look forward to working with you.

Give us a call and talk through your project with one of our experts. We’ll help you choose the best path to your perfect product.