The project
Breville Appliances
  • SLA
  • Finishing & Painting
  • Metallisation & Chrome Plating
  • Internal Lighting
  • Graphics
The Challenge
The creation of a suite of models for a new range of products about to be introduced to market. We were tasked with replicating a series of very specific texture, material and colour criteria and adding working electronics to elevate certain products.
The Process
SLA is the best process for combining material properties with ease of finishing and suitability for metallising. Each model contained a variety of finishes (Gloss, satin, texture, soft-touch, clear, metal) so we hand finished the parts to the required standard ready for top coating. Colour matching, paint mixing and spraying are all controlled by our experts to ensure the attention to detail required was met throughout the finishing process.

We added basic electronics to some of the models to replicate working mechanisms and digital displays. To complete the project graphics were applied as a finishing touch.

The Result

A stunning range of models ready for presentations to prospective customers, catalogue photography and production references.