The project
Jamie Oliver Kitchenware
  • SLA
  • Finishing & Painting
  • Metallisation
  • Vacuum Casting
  • Graphics
The Challenge
To produce a range of models mimicking the proposed production parts exactly. The brief for this project contained some specific colours and finishes and challenging material and texture combinations.


The Process
In order to meet the brief we had to combine a number of processes. We began by building a series of SLAs to check fits and approvals before applying the required finishes. For the rubber and over-moulded parts, a series of silicone tools were created to allow for vacuum casting in colour matched, correct Shore A hardness resins. Specific textures were created by the application of specialist paints with the correct additives and any texture splits on the same parts were carefully managed through separation and masking to avoid ‘bleeds’ and ‘feathered’ edges.

To achieve the ‘brushed stainless steel’ look on the utensils and inserts highly polished SLAs were coated with a layer of copper and then plated with nickel which was then brushed to mimic the required finish. The application of graphics across the range completed the look.

The Result

A spectacular series of models that provided with the client with a representative series of products for presentation and photography.