The project
Award Winning Medical Monitors
  • SLA
  • Finishing & Painting
  • Vacuum Casting
  • Graphics & Printing
The Challenge
Drumlord were delighted to be approached by Huntleigh Diagnostics to provide them with prototypes and models during the development of their SonicAid Digital Doppler and Team 3 Series Fetal Monitor ranges.


The Process
Both product ranges provided specific challenges that ranged from basic SLA models to a series of vacuum castings that were indistinguishable from the final manufactured parts.
The tough brief asked that we provide:

  • production of SLA prototypes for early analysis,
  • production-like vacuum castings in volumes for assembly, trials/testing and marketing purposes,
  • solutions to challenging fits and extremely small features that pushed the technologies and our craftsmen to the limit,
  • production-mimic materials in clear, rigid and flexible resins, like-for-like surface finishes and accurate colour matching, supply and application of graphics.
The Result

Initially, a series of SLAs to support the design process and suited to ‘fit and function’ requirements ending with a series of production-mimic vacuum castings for trials and marketing.  It certainly came as no surprise when these industry standard setting products went on to win the coveted iF Design Award.