The project
Developing a Rapid Covid-19 Diagnostic Test
  • SLA
  • SLS
  • PolyJet Printing
  • Vacuum Casting
The Challenge
To provide ‘proof-of-concept’ prototypes suitable for functional testing and batch manufacture of units for clinical trials in a compressed lead time.


The Process
Drumlord were delighted to be approached by leading design company, GX Group, to help with the development of a Covid-19 testing solution. GX’s design engineering team developed an initial device very quickly and approached us to provide protypes in suitable materials for early testing. It was agreed that the initial model would be made from a series of SLS’s and a printed flexible seal to prove the design and allow GX to build a working prototype.


Upon completion of initial testing and confirmation of the design and innovative technology, we were able to produce a series of vacuum castings in a range of specific materials, finishes and colours for clinical trials and field testing.

The Result

We delivered a range of models to support the design and innovation process and supply of accurate vacuum castings suitable for production and passing clinical trials.